Activated Charcoal 50 gr.


We have all had those mornings after a wet night out on the streets where you would rather be hit by a lightning bolt than get out of bed.

✓ Mix up a pinch of our activated charcoal with lemon juice and some fresh ginger in a shot glass to lift your spirits and get yo ass up.

✓ Besides being a lifesaver (literally) you can make EPIC galaxy smoothie bowls that would impress the balls off Stephen Hawking.

✓ You can also use this bad boy for teeth whitening and purifying facial masks. Yaazzz, you’re gonna be so pretty.

Serving Size = 1 Teaspoon
The recommended daily intake is 1 Teaspoon / 1 gram.

One bag contains 50g/1.7 Oz of powder and that usually serves around 40-50 servings depending on how strictly you follow the recommendation.

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Our activated charcoal is made from bamboo that has been heated up and exposed to oxygen.

The result is a fine black powder that can adsorb serious amounts of toxins and other stuff you don’t want in your body.


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